Wins at the Casino and is arrested


A 34 year old player who had just won $ 2,500 playing blackjack at the tables of the Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino has been arrested on leaving the casino. The man had a long series of previous convictions and was even sought.

Mateen ‘Jay’ Johnson thought that good luck had finally decided to look also on his side. It was at Philadelphia Park Racetrack & Casino, in the evening when he won $ 2,500 playing blackjack. A tidy sum for someone like him, too bad it never got to even touch those notes.

When presenting their identity card to the casino cashier to collect his winnings, “it turned out that he was hanging on a warrant: the casino has had to call the police. It has a lot of criminal record that will stay cool for a while, ‘”said detective Troy Johannides.

The blackjack player had already been arrested several times for drug possession and illegal use of firearms. Recently, Johnson was wanted for having delivered two packages of cocaine in Altoona, it seems that the gangster network for which man has made deliveries from selling two pounds of cocaine each month, earning $ 2 million a year.

That the agents have arrested, Johnson said that he was at the casino to try to win some money, put in place and pay for his bail. Too bad those $ 2,500 to be served by little, as the Judge Fred B. Miller, in charge of his case, he has set for a deposit of $ 100,000.