Paris Hilton’s Birthday at the Casino

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The heiress of the world’s most talked about, it certainly did not need more money, had fun at Wynn Las Vegas, playing blackjack and winning $ 30,000. Luck has decided to reward Paris Hilton who was sitting at the blackjack tables of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday. Of course Paris has not failed to point this out to his audience, sending a tweet from his account: “# BirthdayGirlsLuck. I love gambling.”

Paris Hilton recently declared wanting to put my head straight (and rebuild their virginity after having been photographed without underwear) and after flirting with Cristiano Ronaldo who has tailed to annoy his main rival, Kim Kardashian, current girlfriend of footballer of supericca his). Now Paris, after a passage of love with Stavros Niarkos (the granddaughter of Onassis who sent Pierre Casiraghi hospital during a fight) is engaged to Cy Waits, Nawab of the casinos that gave her a diamond ring from the value of $ 25.000.

And to think that Paris Hilton seems to have been struck not so much on the road to Damascus, but the stint behind bars that has had to do after being caught driving completely drunk, and having violated the rules of parole which had been subjected . “It will be a new beginning for me,” he told the famous U.S. talk hosted by Larry King. Instead, the heiress was the first surprise with a little ‘of cocaine on him, just at the Wynn Hotel and Casino, and then decided to return to the scene of the crime to give himself to the mad joy on the blackjack tables. A mad joy that is fruity good nest egg to spend another: according to the gossip, with the prize money was donated to a massage at the Wynn Spa, the most luxurious living on the planet.