Solitaire : Rules and Strategy


The solitaire is a game that as the name suggests the game is targeted to a single player. The purpose of the solitaire is to achieve a certain result and say that the lone managed.

The success is the equivalent of victory in games where players are required at least 2.The Solitaire is a game purely causal meaning that it can not always be solved. There are no specific strategies because it is just having some luck to get out of unpleasantsituations.

One of the strategies used is that of the Klondike, just move the cards in columns before using the deck, use the ace or a 2 as soon as you can in this way is easier to eliminate along series of cards from the deck, if not you have a D to start the deck create another type of battery, never leave open spaces.

Another strategy is called Spider, you have to focus on a blank column, create it and manage it properly, allowing a clear chance. To handle an empty column you eliminatecards scoperete that the most important obstacle to the cards, play first ever using the cards with the highest value and have no problems.

Last but not least is the strategy of FreeCell solitaire, this variant of the game is to move the cards in free cells without thinking, in other words, you must make sure that the top of the column there is a king in this way, you can create a real scale of cards, try not to make mistakes because it could be fatal to the game.

There are various types of game for the solitaire on how you could see, choose the most appropriate and follow to the letter in this way the probability of winning is high. Try to see, this strategy work else in the real game and not only virtual game.